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While setting up my portfolio for approval, I mostly grabbed shots from a recent group shoot. The shots there are fairly representative of what we would like to do more of.  I would appreciate feedback on not only the portfolio as a while, but on any individual images you feel like critiquing.

These shots were done for our portfolio and the models'.


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Good lighting skills and some interesting framing ideas and post production.

This brings a lot of good things together, a surreal visual narrative and a lot of detail. Perhaps the styling is a bit dated and busy and his hand could have fitted into the frame. Your logo is a pain too as it obscures the fact that the chair is on bricks.

Again with the logo. Nobody will steal the photo. But a lot of people would probably like to see it if they are to work with you. If I thought I'd get photos back like this from you as a model, with my face obscured, why would I give you my time?

I like this even though there's nothing going in it. But the expressions are reasonably intense.

Here I'm starting to get bored and a bit nauseated by the texture effect you've vignetted all around the image. I think the composition is what's lacking, not the absence of texture.

Not enough going on here to justify the closeup in my opinion.
This has a beautiful combination of background and foreground lighting. Just shoot everyone in that spot and you'll be fine.

Nice light in this one too. You could do so much more - find architecture or nature as a setting.

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