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Hey there,

I'm a seventeen year old model in MN. I have very short hair (as you can see from my avi). It has grown out since that picture was taken about six months ago, but it is at most 2 inches on the sides and six or seven inches on top (a grown out mowhawk). I have worn extensions multiple times in my life, and have always clipped them in. I am thinking of buying a new set of extensions, but I am confused on the best way to apply them to such short hair. Any advice from hair people??


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I really like your portfolio. Anyway, I am not a professional hair stylist, but I have used extensions on multiple occasions (had a pixie cut a few years ago that I got sick of).

I hope what I tell you is not just a useless repeat of what you already know. Since your hair is longer at the top, it will probably hide the clips well, and two inches is probably long enough that they will probably won't fall out. If the clips do start to slip out of your hair where it's shortest, gently back-comb your natural hair and then insert the clips. If you are worried about turning your hair into a rat's nest, consider buying extra clips to sew to the weft of your extensions.

There are other methods of hair extensions such as fusion, or glue in bonding. I have heard some true horror stories about glue in bonding, so I would not advise it. Fusion is a longer lasting method that is done in a salon for a boatload of money. It involves clamping s few strands of long hair to your short hair by use of a bead.

It would probably be cheaper to buy a nice quality wig than to get fusion extensions. There are also a variety of half wigs attached to headbands on the market that look natural as long as they match the color of your hairline. My favorite was the Bandit, but it has been taken off the market.

Perhaps a professional stylist will have better advice than me, or correct me on some things I have said. But I hope this helps.

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I have fusion extensions currently. They use a metal clamp to clip hair in, and last for around a year. Mine cost 425 to put in, so it was a hefty sum. But I have no complaints. My hair has suffered no damage and the clamps are easy to hide. Only thing different is it may hurt a little more to pull back hair, and you cant use silicone products around the clamps. But if you have the money to make the investment, I would say they are worth it, and look pretty realistic.

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