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Patrick Pugeda

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San Diego, California, US

Hello! (San Diego MMers)

Didn't know where else to ask this so here I go:

1. I was planning on doing a shoot with a car, so almost like an import car shoot with a model and all, was wondering where I could take my car and have a nice peaceful shoot without so many people, but also have a nice location/backdrop?

2. I've seen shoots with models at "abandoned" train tracks/railroads, where are some good locations in SD?

3. Besides the obvious places, are there any "secret" locations you could share with me?

Please respond when you amazing people get a chance. Thank you!

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Paolo Diavolo

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Martinez, California, US

i've never been to san diego,...
but if you go to an industrial park on a weekend, there will be little traffic since its usually all businesses, and theyre closed on weekends.
just be aware of security cameras.

most the import car type of shots that arent in a giant studio are shot in industrial areas, or parking garages (

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