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Helens photo gallery

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Germantown, Maryland, US

Hello everyone!!! I'm new to MM and am excited to see all that this website has to offer my business, Helen's Photography Gallery! Who has any tips on a great way to get started here? If you know any aspiring models in the NoVa, DC, MD area send them my way please!

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Rays Fine Art

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Best bet is to use the casting calls feature (above) both to place your own calls and to respond to calls that models have placed.  You'll also want to browse the models within your market area on a regular basis and send a private message to those whith whom you specifically want to work.

One hint:  models tend to be broke so they tend to be a pretty unproductive market for paid jobs for photographers.  But they can be a great help in developing a portfolio that will help you to sell your services to folks that can pay.  TFP can be your friend, especially if you approach it with an attitude of cooperation with a colleague rather than one of giving or getting services for free.  The unhappy trade situations we see in the forums tend to be the ones in which one party or the other thinks "free" rather than "trade".

All IMHO, as always.

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Paolo Diavolo

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^ that.

use the navigation bar above, where it says casting/travel
or click this link here to cast for talent:
you can search for available models, by availability notice or put up a casting call and wait for a reply.

use the browse above or click below to browse for talent in your area:
and message models indivudually who you feel would meet your criteria.

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Nikki Magnusson

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Welcome to MM !!..

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Welcome to Model Mayhem.

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