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Julia Gerace

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Monroe, Connecticut, US

and I think I'd like to go with the Dinair - 'studio beauty kit'

I'm low volume and so far the research has been good towards this brand, though I've read the foundations tend to be orangey --  I also read that you can use other foundations in it? (so, potentially going towards the OCC line?)

any thoughts for a photographer/makeup artist?  (I've taken some classes and do for any of my clients that need makeup application, plus anything in my port here has been done by me...)

I'd like to ask a stupid question but will only do so privately, lol, if someone has two minutes : )

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Body Painter

Lisa Berczel

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As long as you understand and accept the limitations of this class of equipment.... you'll be fine with what it is designed to deliver.

While it is possible to apply great product with a mediocre makeup brush for an acceptable application, I will argue that it is much more difficult to apply great product with a *starter/budget* airbrush.

Personal preference of finish appearance and product coverage requirements are also important.

There has been a lot of discussion on this topic - in both the FAQ and Search.

NOTE: I am biased on the subject as I've worked with both airbrush manufacturers and airbrush foundation cosmetic companies.

Edit: Despite some sales bs to the contrary - Yes.... you caaaaaaan use different formulation in different brands of airbrush. However, you MUST be familiar with the affects of viscocity, air pressure (PSI) and fluid needle/nozzle tip size.

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Makeup Artist


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Temptu Is one of the best ones out there, (my opinion) the difference w dinair and temptu is that the compressor for dinair doesnt have enough power to handle any kinds of other foundations but only water based , when temptu u can use silicone based and water based, u can also make ur own colors and foundations with powder pigments and mixing medium or dilute thicker foundations w mixing mediums! now if this is just for personal use the dont invest too much money in it.

good luck

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