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Model Mutiny ( is dedicated to creative diversity within the modeling field. Our team of master photographers and industry renowned wardrobe designers aim to provide publishing opportunities and a convenient and affordable means for aspiring models interested in creating a portfolio showcasing eccentric styles .
Our team of professionals is amongst the best in the industry!

This is a prime opportunity to network with the pro’s of the industry, build or enhance your portfolio, hone your skills, or just have fun!
Whether you are an aspiring model, makeup or hair stylist, or already more established, you will walk away from our seminar with more skills, a bigger network, and an experience to tell your friends about.

Model Mutiny is not just a modeling seminar. It is a modeling revolution dedicated to bringing alternative modeling styles to the forefront of the fashion industry. For years models that don’t fit the “industry standard” have been turned away from mainstream opportunities. Our team is committed to opening opportunities to those who come through our seminar and show they have what it takes to be a professional model…even if they are not 6 feet tall and a size 0. Our motto is “Anyone can be a model”. We will use our vast network to help those that show the most promise get published, book gigs, or land unpaid internships with professionals in the industry… The rest is up to you!

Aspiring Models

If you are reading this, then you’re half way there! You have just stumbled upon what could be your foot into the world of what we like to call “Eccentric Modeling.” Known to many as alternative modeling or even tattoo modeling… However, you don’t have to have ink to be a part of our seminar or to be considered an Eccentric Model, but you do have to be dedicated to modeling eccentric styles such as punk, rockabilly, grunge, goth, pin up, or whatever your creative mind comes up with. We don’t put limits on our creative potential as artist.

Our seminar is dedicated to helping you create or enhance your portfolio in this genre of modeling. We afford you an 8 hour day in a prime location, and include master photographers, professional posing coach, and esteemed wardrobe designers. Your fee also guarantees you at least one hair & makeup style and 3-5 photos from every photographer you shoot with during the seminar! That could be up to 50 professionally edited photos to add to your portfolio. This is easily a $3000 value!

In addition to what was already mentioned…those who shine can have the opportunity of having their photos published in leading publications and web sites. But it doesn’t stop there! You, yes you… can be asked by any one of our master photographers to model for their own personal projects, or even gain paid assignments with their existing or future clients! Where else can you find such incredible services all in one place? We dare to say NO WHERE!

To drive our message home, Model Mutiny takes the hustle away from building a QUALITY portfolio. We do this by saving you money and the time and effort associated with haggling with would-be photographers for “trade for print” photo shoots. Why risk the chance of getting sub-par photos from a photographer who may never even email you the photos? Why take a year, 2 years, or even more, jumping from photographer to photographer hoping to get enough photos to perhaps build a portfolio when you can be well on your way after just 8 hours with the professional team of Model Mutiny? Model Mutiny is your #1 source and anything else is just a waste of your time.

Hair & Makeup Artists

We all know as artists, in order to book work you must have a killer portfolio. As a photographer the first thing I ask any hair or makeup artist desiring to work with me is to see their portfolio. In fact, that’s the first thing anyone in the industry is going to want to see. Your work must speak for itself. But what if you don’t have a killer portfolio? What if you know you have what it takes, but life, time, and money have gotten in the way of developing the portfolio you need to book work? It’s no secret that any artist has to devote their time and effort working for free to get established. What if I said Model Mutiny can ease the burden of developing your portfolio and put you to work with industry leaders before you thought was possible?

Your registration with Model Mutiny offers you a few things to get you on the right track. For an affordable fee you get the opportunity to show off your creative skills as a makeup artist or hair stylist in our eccentric modeling seminar, you get to network with master photographers who have already proven themselves in the fashion industry, work with esteemed wardrobe designers, and even get the chance to make a little extra money during the seminar. How? Your entrance fee obligates you to provide at least one look to every model you style. Additional looks are at your discretion and for an extra fee paid to you directly from the model. We also encourage tipping!
What else do we offer you? Well, if you show some awesome skills you can be offered paid work on future projects or even unpaid internships with our staff! That’s experience you can’t look away from. To top it off, my own professional MUAH will be there to provide tips and coach you along during the seminar to ensure you gain tools you will use the rest of your career!
Enrollment in our seminar also gains you the chance to have your work displayed to the world if the model you style is published! How many people get to say their work is published? You could be one of them!

This is a perfect chance to add eccentric styles to your portfolio and prove you have what it takes to perform in the most creative area of modeling.

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