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Stephen Dawson

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Microsoft to Google: Play fair with YouTube … ?iid=HP_LN


As Google came away relatively unscathed from a two-year federal antitrust probe, Microsoft is once again complaining that Google doesn't play fair with its rivals.

In a blog post on Wednesday, Microsoft claimed Google (GOOG, Fortune 500) is unequally distributing YouTube data to its mobile competitors. Microsoft says that Google is refusing to give up YouTube's "metadata," which includes video categories, favorites and ratings, for Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system.

Microsoft noted that Google released superior YouTube applications for its own Android platform and Apple's iPhone, but only offers a somewhat more limited YouTube website for Microsoft's Windows Phone platform. Microsoft said it wants to release its own high-quality YouTube app, but it requires access to YouTube's metadata to do that.


Now that Microsoft is in its post relevant period, it is amusing to see them on the receiving end of what they dished out for 25 years.

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You sound like Microsoft!   smile

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This issue is noise (no pun intended).  But, I am beginning to reach the opinion that the very best thing that can happen at MS is a management shakeup starting with Mr. Balmer.  Without it, the BOD is setting the shareholders up to be also-rans in the mobile world.

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Michael Bots

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And Microsoft offers a limited "substandard" version of Windows for it's Phone platform.

Why is that Google's problem?

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Microsoft Goes "Wahhhhh...."

That's a bit of an overreaction.  It's just big businesses being big businesses.

I remember a few years ago, when Microsoft was subject to claims similar to those it levels at Google.  The issue:  unfair practices, including favoring certain search results over others, giving favorite companies reduced advertising rates, etc.  It's just Microsoft asking, if we got smacked down for doing these, why isn't Google getting smacked down for the same thing?

So, which practices are fair and which aren't?  Do you think that Google's business practices are appropriate?  Would you like to see every search engine to do similar?

Do you want to have to use 3-5 search engines in order to get the results you want?

Or do you just want Microsoft to fail?

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