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Abergavenny, Wales, United Kingdom

I'm relatively new to this site, but I'm not sure whether I have something wrong with my profile or if models just don't reply... As I've sent out various comments and mails etc but have never had a reply back. I'm starting to wonder if my profile can be seen....
Or perhaps - I've been too honest with what I've said.
Can anyone out there just acknowledge this plea.... at least?

Thanks - Hope you all had a good christmas.

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BERKSHIRE, Massachusetts, US

Your profile is a little creepy to be honest lol. Maybe that's why they are not replying?

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Albertex Photography

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You may want to try this. 
Ask here, but be ready for full brutal honesty or opinions.

You may want one of these:
Photo mentor:

If you are contacting female models it might be helpful to have some female models in your port.

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Many models are skeptical about working with someone that only has self portrait nudes.
I would suggest being clear that you don't intend to model with your prospectives, as that might be what they believe you're attempting.

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Good Egg Productions

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What are you saying in the comments and mail messages?

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if you can't get them on trade consider paying. it can be hard getting started here.

having a good concept/location and doing a casting call is an option. also consider omp and CL and just asking random people you meet. also hit up any friends or co-workers.

also network with local photographers. maybe you can do a co-shoot or they can throw you a bone.

apparently some models think PREMIUM and VIP are earned, not bought. so buy yourself some instant cred and upgrade.

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No response IS a response.

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Ms Cammy

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As a llama I totally agree that your profile is kinda creepy.

"I'm happy to shoot anything from fashion to artistic nude." But yet everything in your portfolio is implied nudes, of you no less. (Or at least I'm assuming it's of you) Which if it is of you is kinda creepy all together. As a llama I only wanted to envision one of my photographers naked, I ended up dating him, it didn't go well and now we never talk. My advice, if they are of you, take them down and start over with someone else.

Selecting every genre of photography doesn't help either. Most llamas who do TFP or TF work have come to realize what that usually means is you don't have nearly enough experience to know what you're good at and therefore will select everything so that you will always pop up in search results. It also usually means that we will contact you for one thing and end up doing something different (i.e. contact you for fashion and end up doing implied nudes as your portfolio suggests you do).

Lastly your text in your profile. "both our folios" sounds very unprofessional. It's not that hard to add port in front of folios when typing. If you don't sound like your serious, I'm not going to take you seriously. All this combined honestly makes you look like another guy with a camera looking for some good pictures to put around your house, or in your bedroom, or maybe even to blackmail me with later.... For all I know you may be an awesome photographer. These are just my suggestions from what I've seen in the past. Hopefully it helps you.

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E e v a

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I can't critique you here. So I will say this. Put yourself in a models shoes. Look at your portfolio. What do you have to offer that can help them? Why would a model not respond to someone with a bunch of implied nude pictures of themselves?

If you feel you can offer a model something, shoot in that style.

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M Pandolfo Photography

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I think it's just the opposite. Your portfolio isn't invisible. They see the nude self-portraits.

I'll leave it at that since this isn't the Critique but the models who have replied did so very eloquently and tactfully.

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Models do reply... To people they feel comfortable working with.

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Put others photos in your port nature or something less creepy to models.

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Emily Smiles

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If you messaged me, I would not reply or tell you I was not interested because of two things.

No variety of models/styles/images in your portfolio .(In fact, I find it rather creepy and unsettling)

Your profile reads a little unprofessional and cliche with the list of the things you want to do.

Mostly the pictures though. That's my biggest turn off

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