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Fitzgerald Scott

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Orlando, Florida, US

Not to long ago I posted a thread asking if my page was too negative and a lot of MM members on here said it was because I used a lot of caps and I used no, can't, won't, and don't on my profile.  I have changed it to what I think might be more appropriate.  Please let me know if you like what it says now.

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M Pandolfo Photography

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Tampa, Florida, US

"I recently relocated from Atlanta, GA. I love modeling because I get to do what I love - meeting interesting people and traveling to exotic locations.

I'm only taking paid assignments. Please note, I have a 2-hr minimum. Rates are as follows:

$150/hr - Fashion and Glamour style
$250/hr - Tasteful Artistic Nude
$300/hr - Erotic

Rates are negotiable."

I edited out quite a bit of unnecessary commentary on modeling and the fact that you love it because you get paid. That won't attract interest.

I took out the $50-$100 additional hour info only because I had no idea what that meant. You charge a set rate per hour, based on a two-hour shoot. When does the additional hour rate kick in? After the 2-hr minimum (the third hour) or is the 2nd hour at that discounted rate?

i.e. $150/hr for the first 2 hours, $50 each additional hour.

My personal opinion on the profile is that it reads too much like the price structure for an escort agency with discounts for extended time with the escort of your choice.

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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

It reads more like a menu than a bio... This for $, that for $$, etc.
Posting your rates is fine (although I prefer seeing one rate instead of tiered rates based on nudity) but there is nothing in your bio to support those rates. You say you llama because people told you to... That's not a good sales pitch. If you are going to have higher rates you need to sell me on it, how long have you been llamaing, where have you been published, why should I pay you instead of someone else?

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Melodye Joy

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Rancho Cucamonga, California, US

Better then before but as a fellow model, I disagree with the cost/rates.

Understandable that your time, travel, day and self are valuable but I'd rate yourself according to your area...

Also, I don't think any potential client needs to know why you like modeling or who you meet/where you've been.

"I just recently relocated from Atlanta, GA to Montclair, NJ and have been out here for a month.  I was always told that I should model because I have the looks and the body stats for it. "

"I'm only taking paid assignments right now so here are my rates to anyone who is interested in hiring me.  I require the minimum of 2 hours pay for every shoot. "

"My rates are open for discussion and negotiation under the right circumstances."

Add in publications, past work, who you've collaborated with at MM or elsewhere.

That's it. Done!

If you wanna say more about your journey into modeling, who/where/what you've done...I'd refer potential clients to your website/Facebook/Tumblr (depending on what you have/can get).

Like I said...this is a lot better then your original bio/portfolio.

Personally, mine changes frequently. I'm always finding new tricks, needing to update a photo or information.

Happy modeling!

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