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Hemera Visuals

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HI guys i am wondering how this editing style is created ? … =407%2C611

The look is very vibrant and i would class it as a lifestyle style of editing ? Any help of how this look is achieved?

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Motordrive Photography

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I'm seeing 95% shooting style and 5% post work. Shallow DOF, vibrant colors
and mostly backlit is my first impressions.

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Sourcelight Photography

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In the first double-shot, it just looks like good lighting and careful exposure consideration to pop the colors (with a strong hair light for separation in the second one) and then, paradoxically, a slight desaturation in post to give the image more of a high-key quality.  Notice that there's very little color in either of the girls' skin tones.

The second photo, frankly, just looks like a routine exterior snapshot to me, the kind of look I usually try very hard to avoid.

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It could be done LR/ACR by bumping up the vibrance to boost saturation and keeping the skin tones, dropping the clarity to make the skin go creamy, and strengthening the blacks to increase the contrast. And perhaps a white balance adjustment to a more neutral balance.

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