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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US

Im closing and or moving my retail shop. 
Lost our lease to a new landlord.

After 22 years we have a lot of stuff.    And trying to pack/move it is not fun.   Im going to have to put the workshops on hold til we find a new location.  But instead of lugging all this to storage, if you are in the pittsburgh area...

SATURDAY JAN 5th we have a sale for all sorts of pre made jewelry at wholesale  prices.  Bracelets, earrings, pendents and necklaces.   As well as loose parts and pieces for making jewelry.

We also have a lot of metaphysical items that make great props and set accents.  Rocks, crystals, carvings, etc.

After tomorrow a lot of stuff will be boxed, so if you want some fresh accents for spring photo shoots now is the time.

Prices for ready made in America jewelry start at $12 for gemstone bracelets.
Prices for bead strands start at $1.50 for full length 15" strands.

Not by mail please.  Questions by PM are ok but sales only in person.

No photo equipment.   Just our rock/bead inventory.


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