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Hi there, I was wondering if any of you know how i can make thia effect as in the fifth picture? It is like it has been moved.. … hy+Blog%29

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Motordrive Photography

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I can't see examples sad

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M Pandolfo Photography

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It's a link to Hotmail that asks for sign-in.

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I m so sorry here is the link!!!

fifth picture- … hy+Blog%29

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Mark Bruce Photography

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5th pic looks like a peel back polaroid

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Digital Artist

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The article implies that there was no Photoshop work, but you can replicate the effect with the various blur filters (I experimented a bit and found motion blur, shape blur, and lens blur to be best for this) and adding some noise and color adjustment. Put each blur effect on a different layer and play around with opacity until you find the right balance for your picture.

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Looks like a double exposure on Polaroid 665.
As you can see from the hand positions, there are two different shots on the same neg.
Sarah Moon and Paolo Roversi used to work with that type of film all the time.

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ok thanks!

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George Thomson

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... imo, this is simply a shot in an old mirror
(no tricks involved)

5th picture

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Michael Jovani

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If I wanted to recreate this, this is how I would go about it.

Duplicate the layer, set to "Lighten" mode, nudge it to the right and then mask in the area. Do the same for the left side. Adjust opacity to your liking.

Hope this helps smile

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