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Hi, this thread has probably been made a thousand times before so if anyone can link me to some threads that were made that include tips on how to get work as a photographer and how to advertise yourself that's be great thanks as the search option doesn't work for me

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Paolo Diavolo

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1. apply to a company who is hiring for the position of 'photographer'.
2. develope your own business plan, market and advertise yourself.

if you're a freelance anything marketing and advertising skills are more important than actual skills at the job.

of course its all about who you know.

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Find out how the business actualy functions and how you fit in to it .
Learn what the product you are selling/marketing is first.
Without direction or focus in the work you are selling (that is the product , your services) there isnt a platform to begin writing a business plan on.
Then get off of Modelmayhem and go out in to the real world..
  This isn't the industry and asking how to find work on a website where 95% of the members are either asking the same thing or don't really care .
Get on Google start looking for books , search sites of the pros who are actualy working and ask about assisting , looking your area(London is a MAJOR hub) and start there .
Make a serious effort BUT make it in the real world .

   Not on MM

  Best advice I can think of giving you or anyone else .

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