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Joel Feingold

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Brookline, Massachusetts, US … -lighting/

Looks as if it is a very inexpensive starter solution. I can get it from Amazon for less than $100.

Here is another one, looks perhaps a little more durable but also a bit more money. … %28120V%29

All comments welcomed. Thank you.

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Halcyon Arts

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Washington, District of Columbia, US

850 tungsten equivalent Watts wouldn't be very powerful for portraits if both lights were operating at that draw.  I have some hid lights for video that are pretty close (600w equivalent each) and with both unmodified I would have to be at ISO640 and 1/100 to stop down a little with a fast prime.  I'd prefer a yongnuo stand and a reflector or a pair of the least expensive flea market lights I could find, for about the same budget.

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Michael Broughton

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Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

i would recommend against dealing with any company that flat out lies about how powerful their product is.

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