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Hugh Alison

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Aberystwyth, Wales, United Kingdom

Ronin_LLC wrote:
I do not care how hardcore badass, a gang banging Homie you are, if you speak French I will laugh at you.

Ronin_LLC wrote:
...My point was the pleasant surprise of something unexpected or different.

One of my points was that you might get an unpleasant surprise laughing at the French Foreign Legion - just like the USMC did.

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Presley ONeil wrote:
&to the person who said something about what's so odd about a British black person, well I'm 17 I've met one, and live in the 3rd most populated city in the us. Sooo yeah. It depends on where you're from&what you're used to hearing.

Yep. Although having a conversation with a Hindu woman in a sari speaking in a thick Glaswegian brogue was one of the highlights of our trip to Scotland.

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