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Darren Brade

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London, England, United Kingdom

Excuse me if everyone knows, but if you're about to purchase anything from Jessops UK, be warned, it's just gone into administration.

A very sad day to see another big retailer go.

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Kent Art Photography

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Ashford, England, United Kingdom

Sad indeed.  I used to buy all my darkroom stuff from them, they stocked almost everything.

But it's not that surprising, given their recent history.

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Martin Coombes

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Goslar, Lower Saxony, Germany

It is a shame. I spent many a lunch break looking at their secondhand window in the Tottenham Court Road shop. Another nail in the coffin for the retail sector.

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SoCo n Lime

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Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

its not like its a surprise

its been failing for the past 4-5 years

over priced and hardly specialist along with employing photography students that really dont know what their talking about cause their just learning about photography and equipment themselves.. nothing worse than a arrogant know it all sales assistant (that doesn't really know shit)

it changed its plan to go with many digital only stores losing the key element that made it different from any other retail outlet and that was it did have its specialist corner where you could buy all things you need for the dark room. a shot in its own foot

you cant survive selling over priced digital camera's that every other electrical selling store sell's

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