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Ronald N. Tan

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Greetings and Salutations,

I am placing in this forum because retouchers spent A LOT of time scrutinizing pixels for retouching perfection. If you wear contact lens, what brand works well for you, such that you could wear for prolonged periods of time without having to rewetting drops.

I currently use Acuvue Oasys with Hydraclear and I can't wear and do long retouches, that I would have to take my contact lenses off when I am done with the photoshoot and heading into my office to edit and retouch the images. I have configured my Windows 7 to display Clear Type to the best comfort to my preferences.

There is a difference in usage, where you are causally working at your computer versus stringently looking at the screen and pixels. This is an industry related inquiry. Please do not relocate to the other forums.

My next eye appt. is next week and I'll be discussing with my ophthalmologist regarding replacing my contact lenses. I also try to blink at regular intervals, because I know that having contact lenses in my eyes, the eyes tend to blink less causing dry eyes.

In gratitude,


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