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Providence, Rhode Island, US

Just looking around.  Hoping to find someone who wants to trade with me.  I want a few more pictures done for a pageant and need to find a make up artist and photographer.  Not sure how to get the word out there.

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Egypt Jordan

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Welcome, to be honest you may be looking for the wrong thing here. Many photographers want models who will build thier portfolio.If you explain to them how you want pictures for your contest, I'm sure many of them would turn you down or make you pay.

But good luck...

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Caveman Creations

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This is a great place to let people know that you are in search of them. Not the place to quote your rates though. … litynotice
This is where you can let people know that you are out there and ready to shoot. Even if that means they may have to pay you for it.
Going on a vacation? A trip somewhere? Let people in another area/city know that you will be in their area and are ready to make magic!
Make an announcement on the front page, and have your profile and portfolio viewable to everyone on Model Mayhem. This is a great place to run up comments/lists/views on your photos. Replying to comments made on your photos with a nice comment (or maybe not so nice....) on one of their photos is always appreciated.

Or, use the browse feature,

And find specific photographers that you feel meet your needs or desires for your portfolio.

Now, get out there and let the Mayhem begin! big_smile

[Edit] This forum is for saying "HI" and learning the ropes a bit before being eaten alive by rats that may lurk in the other forums. And...........Welcome to the Mayhem!

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Aaron Lewis Photography

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Nikki Magnusson

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Welcome to MM !!..

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Marc Damon

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Welcome to the Mayhem!

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Albertex Photography

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Welcome to MM.  Enjoy the Mayhem.

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Welcome to Model Mayhem.  Enjoy and have fun.

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Photo Bill

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JDF Photography

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Hello and welcome to the Mayhem!

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