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Dasso Photography

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Eugene, Oregon, US

I am looking for thoughts on this image as far as lighting and post process are concerned. I am fairly happy with the lighting, although I may want just a touch more brightness in the highlights. The post processing was VSCO FILM, using the Tri-x 400 preset, then tweaking from there. I don't have a ton of experience with authentic 35mm film (the desired look), so it is hard to say if my goal was achieved.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated!

The image is my profile picture (not sure how to insert image in this forum)

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Ted Wen

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I don't see much change needed on the pose. As for lighting, I hope to see a little more definition of the body in the dark area. Either a second light to light up the background just a bit or to the edge of the shoulder and face. I can see the darkness is part of the effect you want to achieve, but I think a subtle amount of light to give the some shape will make this look better.

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It looks like you may have tried to somehow simulate film grain. But it doesn't look like film grain to me.

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The Gross Bite

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"The image is my profile picture"

This is the image in question.

Something about the size of this image doesn't 'feel' right. Was it cropped? It looks a bit too square for a landscape image. Kind of off the point, but it's what struck me first.

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