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No.  As others have already mentioned your bio, lack of expressions, and of expierence.  What do you offer that I can't get from a test from an agency model?  You are not standing out in a positive way

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1. I can't abide bios written in the 3rd person unless they are about someone famous
2. You didn't proof read your profile - full of errors
3. Your stats are nonsense
4. Your claim of being very experienced doesn't match your very poor portfolio
5. You are an ocean and a continent away
6. Points 1 to 4 above make me think you'd flake, even for paid work

I could keep going but better and more experienced posters have already made things clear.  Besides, I'm thinking you'll probably have given up reading this thread before you've gotten to my post.

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Francisco Castro

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Just so you know where I'm coming from, this is a photo of the mannequin I have in my studio space:[br]

No. It's been mentioned before, you don't have the required skill that would set you apart from the local new model. You have to bring something to the table that is both desirable, as well as unique. You have to be able to answer the question, "Why should I pay YOU to shoot, when I can shoot another girl for free?"

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Toto Photo

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Wow, you got piled on, as most do, here in the critique section. I hope you'll take the advice to heart, much of it is quite good.

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Alison Sutter

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AndyD10 wrote:
4. Your claim of being very experienced doesn't match your very poor portfolio

Portfolio is poor how?
How is it poor?

Describe this to me more clearly,obviously I do not see what is so poor about it other wise it wouldn't be so poor to you.

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Luna Diosa

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PerfectionxQueenie wrote:

Portfolio is poor how?
How is it poor?

Describe this to me more clearly,obviously I do not see what is so poor about it other wise it wouldn't be so poor to you.

No offense but I am going to give you some advice people view your port as poor because in mostly every shot your poses looks awkward and uncomfortable your expression needs a lot of work practice your butt off

Take all this criticism in and use it as fuel to make your port better!

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Francisco Castro

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PerfectionxQueenie wrote:
Portfolio is poor how? How is it poor? Describe this to me more clearly,obviously I do not see what is so poor about it other wise it wouldn't be so poor to you.

I'm going to try to breakdown some details on why your port is, "poor". I personally, would have called the pics, "unrefined".

1) This image is extremely badly edited, badly lit, and badly focused. Not even the most basic cleanup has been done,such as cropping out the corner of the softbox that is visible in the top left.

2) This image was badly lit, with the light source entirely too close, and it washes out skin tone details.

3) This problem here is that, like a not of newbies, you have not practiced smiling SYMETRICALLY. The left side of your face/mouth is pulling more than the right. Practicing in front of a mirror would help. Tweezing your eyebrows would also be a big plus. If you're going to show the bottom of your shoes, CLEAN the bottom of your shoes. There is a dust bunny on the floor to the left.

4) Bad lighting with the camera's white balance not properly set to compensate for flourescent lighting:

5) Looks like it was shot with a point and shoot with very flat lighting:

6) Very awkward body position. You look very unsure of what you're doing there, or even if you want to be there.

I could go on. But the most important, is that NONE of your images are memorable. It was like you didn't put in any work and just threw up some images just to have images, without really caring of how it made you look as a professional model.

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Wayne Cutler

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WTF?  Comments on every page have stated why photographers would not work with you and models have given you constructive criticism.  I would highly recommend that you look for several outstanding photographers in your area and pay them!  Wouldn't be a bad idea to hire an MUA, hairstyle and wardrobe stylist.  I think the headshot you just put on is portfolio worthy.

Good luck.

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Tony Lawrence

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PerfectionxQueenie wrote:

Portfolio is poor how?
How is it poor?

Describe this to me more clearly,obviously I do not see what is so poor about it other wise it wouldn't be so poor to you.

Find a MUA before you do another shoot and get your brows done.   You have basically the same expression in every photo.   Your poses are awkward and strange.   Try not to use the same shot from the same set of images twice.   I know clothing can be hard to get but hit some of the thrift stores.   Get some things that complement your figure and forget that Betty Boop look.   Look around your zip code with the browse feature and contact photographers who have work you like or do a casting here.   When I say things that complement your figure I mean things that don't make you overweight.   Find a MUA and get your eyebrows done and work on your expressions is your first order of business.

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E e v a

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Port only- maybe. You have similar height to me, and i'm sure it'd be a good match.

Profile kills it for me though. It sounds so negative and mopey. I wouldn't want the low self esteem killing my shoot.

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From your profile:

** Do not private message me unless you want to with me**

Want to *what* with you?  Work with you?


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What they all said.

Just my $0.02


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Your profile is at odds with your portfolio, very experienced??
No variety in facial expressions.
Posing is poor.

But you do have a unique face you just need to learn how to use it better and work with better stylists and photographers. That may mean you pay them...

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What everyone else has said plus your attitude in both your bio and in our responses here ... also as someone who lives in Las Vegas .. your travel list irks me ... Los Angeles, Las Vegas .... people in both areas will appreciate you getting it right.

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PerfectionxQueenie wrote:
If not list reasons why.
Try to list more then 5 reasons not to if your really interested in not working with me.

I'm sorry, no.

Based on reading your profile and viewing your portfolio, not only would I not pay you, most likely I would not work with you even if you paid me.

Just for starters, you seem quite full of yourself, don't even come close to having the images to demonstrate that you should be paid nor that you should have a high opinion of yourself.

Another big issue is that you seem to have terrible grammar, which not only makes you appear far less professional, but it is also just plain annoying, difficult to read, and suggests you may not take things seriously.

Hopefully you can be open-minded about the feedback you're receiving from everyone in this thread, take it to better yourself and better your work. 

Most likely, it will help you in modeling and other endeavors.

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You come off as very inexperienced and unprofessional...

Basic stuff:
- Poor grammar in your portfolio doesn’t help.
- 2014 travel dates are irrelevant.
- I don’t think your hip measurement is smaller than your waist.

If I were to consider paying a llama I would want to see a professional/inviting profile, a strong portfolio, variety of posing (including expressions), professional credits (published work, professional images), a strong fan base (if a llama has 15,000 followers on facebook there is a chance I could get some exposure through working with them), and so on... unfortunately I don’t see these qualities in your port/profile.

Take these three images for example:

Exact same facial expression:

I would suggest taking a look at the profiles/portfolios of the top llamas on MM, and elsewhere. If you want to be successful you need to be competitive. You need to give me something I can’t already get through TF.

Keep working on it!

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MelissaAnn wrote:
1.) Your profile is a mess- too long, unprofessional, off topic, and confusing.

2.) You don't have any quality images in your port.  Unfortunately, better quality can be seen on a lot of people's personal FB pages.

3.) You don't know how to pose, and there's no variety in your expressions.

4.) Your styling is sloppy- hair, makeup, and clothing need a lot of work.

5.) You seem delusional- You have "Paid Only" marked on your profile, but your portfolio has nothing that would indicate you have any experience as an actual model.  You also have shoot ideas that *you* want to do listed on your profile.  Nobody is going to pay you to shoot *your* ideas.  Paid shoots= you shoot the photographer's ideas.....because you're being paid to do so.   If you want a photographer to shoot your ideas, you need to trade, or pay the photographer.

You have potential, but you really need to step it up, and try being a little more realistic.

Edit: BTW, if you're an EE cup with a 34" waist you are *not* a size 2.  You may want to fix your stats.

PerfectionxQueenie wrote:
My friend has a calvein klein dress in a size 2 and I fit great in it. I am a 34 ÉE but my sister size is 34 DD. Its hard to find EE bras that look good.

I went off topic because id like to network myself for being a nanny and a employee at resturaunts if it does not work out being a model.
Right now as a nanny I'm hardly getting paid anything. Its not easy having kids and then working as a nanny with other kids.

I put my own ideas because I thought maybe people would be inspired by them to do a collab with me so I can have a photographer sell the images.
Photographer still gets paid, I still get paid.
I understand most paid work comes from commercial work so that's something I'm thinking of getting into.

How does hair,make up and clothes need work?
To me clothes are perfectly fine.
In most of my photos I have no make up on at all.

Looks like you've removed a lot of the useless and off-topic info from your profile, which is great.  Now you just need to remove the part that says you're "experienced."  If you actually *are* experienced, I would still remove that part.  People are going to assume an experienced model knows how to pose, and has a variety of expressions, which you clearly don't. 

Regarding your makeup:  You *need* to actually wear makeup.  Many of your images show bags under your eyes, and uneven skin.  When someone says you need work on your makeup, that can also mean you need to actually wear it, and learn how to apply it correctly.  That, or work with a MUA.  You also really need to have your eyebrows shaped/waxed/plucked, they look atrocious and sloppy with all the stray hairs everywhere.  Your hair looks frizzy, like you just rolled out of bed in almost every one of your images.

Regarding your clothing/styling: Very sloppy. The pockets on those shorts hanging that far below the actual shorts themselves looks ridiculous.  The rest of the clothing displayed in your port is out of style, doesn't fit well, doesn't go together, doesn't hang nicely, or doesn't flatter your figure.

Size Chart:(from Neiman Marcus website) … tml#modern

Size 2 is bust: 32", waist: 23.5", hip: 34"

There can be a little variation in one direction or the other, but you're not even close to these measurements (based on what you currently have listed and have said regarding your cup size).  Because you fit into a size 2 dress once does not make you a size 2.  It appears you've changed your stats, but they're still wrong.  Anyone in this industry who looks at your stats as you currently have them listed is going to either think you're delusional, or just too lazy to actually measure yourself.  Also, if you're an EE cup, there's no way your bust is 34" at its fullest.  I'm barely a "C" and my bust measurement is 33".  I think you listed your band size, not your actual bust measurement around the fullest part of your breasts.  The bra you're wearing here: is way too big for you, it's obviously gapping in the front where you don't fill it out.  Your hip measurement should be larger than your waist measurement.  Actually measure yourself, and correct your stats.  If you don't, nobody is going to take you seriously.

Sorry to be harsh, but I didn't think I could have been any more clear than I was in my first post.  Apparently I was wrong.  Hope this clears things up for you.

Best of luck.

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Ok, girlie, you edited your measurements but they still aren't right.

To measure your WAIST, measure around the tiniest part of your belly.

To measure your HIPS, measure around the largest part of your butt.

To measure your BUST, measure around the largest part of your chest.

Last, but most importantly, put the numbers in the right place.

Measurements are a big part of modeling, especially being that you seem close to agency stats. Getting those right will greatly increase your chance at paid work.

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Garry k

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You don't have the Look that I seek


( i could care a less about your level of experience , your attitude , your grammer etc )

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ARA Photo

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PerfectionxQueenie wrote:

Portfolio is poor how?
How is it poor?

Describe this to me more clearly,obviously I do not see what is so poor about it other wise it wouldn't be so poor to you.

As an AMATEUR photographer I spend hours and hours each and every week looking at images. I pick up magazines and flick through and I look through the portfolios of great models and great photographers. It can be depressing as it highlights to me where I am in the pile but also hugely inspiring as there's some great work out there. I have no aspirations to make money from this but I'm putting in the work, IF you expect to make money you need to do even more work.

Spend time learning what a good image is and find someone to work with who can give you better than you have.

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Square Jaw Photography

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Alright you guys, I think we've all made our point. She gets it. No one needs to continue to beat this dead horse!

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Square Jaw Photography wrote:
Alright you guys, I think we've all made our point. She gets it. No one needs to continue to beat this dead horse!

Actually, she did just ask for further clarification.
Btw, love your avatar.

PerfectionxQueenie wrote:
How is it poor?

Describe this to me more clearly,obviously I do not see what is so poor about it other wise it wouldn't be so poor to you.

Do the models can write?

Er.  Anyway.

Thoughts would be:
Run spellcheck on your bio. 

Do some TFCD with some good photographers.  Let them know up-front that you'd like some help with posing.  There are some wonderful people on here who'll direct you through posing.  It really helps.

You do look tense and awkward in a lot of the pics.  I can relate; I have near-crippling anxiety.  It helps me to have about a third of a beer about twenty minutes pre-shoot (not enough to feel anything but slightly more relaxed, though...not that that's always possible.)  Find some way to relax.  I'm still working on this one, too.

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Kollisions Studio

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Los Angeles, California, US, this thread has to be a joke...

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