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Donna Mee

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Costa Mesa, California, US

Even if you have already have received the best artistry education possible, without totally grasping the business and marketing side of a freelance artistry career, you can't take advantage of your education or career dreams. This class was created specifically to get artists to push through the road blocks that hold them back from the success they desire. This 2-day workshop can change your world. Are You Ready?

This class includes 12 hours of imperative information, that you won't figure out on your own! You will have to do these things, but how to do them to maximize your results is not common sense!

* Steps to Building a Thriving Freelance Artistry Career
* Improve the Caliber of Models/Photographers U Work with
* How to Building a Strong Team to Work with
* The Ability to Pull Agency Models All the Time!
* Skills for Successful Collaboration for Shoots
* How To Get Great Images From EVERY Test Shoot!
* How NOT to get Taken Advantage of as a Freelancer
* Booking Agreements and Client Contracts
* 20 Business Things Most Artists Do Wrong
* Collecting Images from Photographers
* Who has Image Rights to Your Pics?
* Model Releases to Cover Your Ass
* How to Save Money on Prints and Retouching Fees
* Industry Appropriate Retouching
* How To Get More Work Published
* How to Continuously Grow as as Artist
* Getting Agency Representation
* Getting free P.R. and Press
* Utilizing Social Media to Grow Your Business
* 10 Things to Never do on Set
* How to Improve Your Booking Potential
* Transitioning into Bigger, Higher Paid Jobs
* More Effective Fee Negotiations
* Discover How to Brand Yourself to Dominate
* How to Snowball Growth into Business Expansion
* Proper Portfolio Layout
* Creating a Portfolio that gets You Work
* Does Your Resume Rock?!
* Starting a Business
* Top Business Card Mistakes Artists Make
* What Business Expenses are Necessary & Those to Avoid

**Statistically, a large majority of makeup artists never get their career of the ground or earn enough money, so they leave their dream career behind go back to the corporate world. Don't let that be YOU! Learn from the mistakes of successful veteran artist, Donna Mee for a faster and easier direct route to the success you desire. Donna will share her first hand knowledge, insight and sincere advice on every marketing topic possible that applies to makeup artists. She has achieved much success in her 31 years in the industry. Along the way she's gathered tons of rare insider information and wisdom in regard to what works and what doesn't. Never before has an industry veteran shared such success secrets.

Mon - Tues JANUARY 21-22ND. 4PM - 10PM … afdadc0e76

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Photos 4 The Memories

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Las Vegas, NV - Shoot out
So. Cal - meet and greet in April 2008
San Francisco, CA - gallery show June 1st 2008

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