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For those who have a K-01, how are you finding the video?

The cameras are $400 with a lens at the moment, so something of a bargin.

I am looking for a camera that can record short (3 minute) clips for YouTube and web use. I will be in a studio type space with lights and wired mics. The camera will be stationary on a tripod and only used to conduct interviews.

I already know that there is no HDMI output when shooting, only playback.
I also know that the built in mics pick up lens AF sounds. I will use externals so this won't be a problem.

I am looking for something that I can have manual control over, that is not a DSLR and is on the smaller size. I also want files that look good right out of camera so that workflow is quick and easy.

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Eff off MM

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Are you sure the K-01 can use an external mike?

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