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Which do retouching artists prefer? Have some pics just wanted to know whether to convert first

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The Next Affect

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Either or because a DNG is just a converted RAW that can be opened up in Photoshop or other retouching programs. Some people can't open up CR2 or NEF files in Photoshop so they need to convert them to DNG. I can open either or in my Photoshop.

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Do you have a link to the pictures????

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pixel dimension ilusion

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raw , but dng is also

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Mark Salo

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RAW is customized to the camera by the manufacturer.  DNG is a standardized one fits all sizes.

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GER Photography

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One reason I love shooting Pentax is I have the choice of shooting in DNG, so I don't have to convert my files to o,pen them in PS.

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The native RAW file format with ZERO compression.
A compressed RAW or DNG may limit the RAW converter options, not everybody uses Lightroom/ACR.

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Digital Artist


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DNG file is just a RAW file with the xmp file included in it, you dont have any compression in a DNG, just more practical to move your DNG than move your RAW file and xmp same time

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