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HI everyone!
I'm a novice photographer, I've been shooting for approximately one year, but I have only been photographing people for like 8 months or so

I would love opinions/critiques of the images I have in my port.

I'd love to know what everyone thinks my strongest and weakest images are.
Your favorite image
What should go, What should stay?
Combined images - Good or Bad?
For the images that are combined the images could be referenced seperately.

Thanks everyone!


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Veit Photo

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I'd love to know what everyone thinks my strongest and weakest images are.

My candidate for the weakest, because it's all about the bits of people that aren't interesting - armpit, side of head etc. and there's nothing much going in the face. Unfortunately most fashion face positions stop around the 3/4

My favourite images are the top two of these: nice styling, the model is lovely and the light is in your favour.

What should go? This. Not particularly exciting and the expression doesn't work.

Not a fan of these, either. They feel forced and the third one down is pretty naff:

Combined images - Good or Bad?
In your case bad. There's some really poor shots mixed into yours - the one above is a good example.

"For the images that are combined the images could be referenced seperately. "

Could they? How convenient for me! No thanks.

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Louise Cantwell

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I don't think this one works, perhaps if it were cropped in more.

I am not a huge fan of the lighting on this one, it just seems a touch flat.

This set, I love the top image and the bottom one is good too but I think the middle one takes away from them.

This set, I think the top one is good, I really like the second shot, but again I think the others detract from the good ones.

This set, the lighting on the top image is the best and I like the crop.  The middle image I am no so keen on and the bottom one is good.

This set again I think the bottom image detracts as the pose and expression are awkward and I don't like the crop.  Te top image is my favourite.

The problem with compilations is that people still view them as one image so they all have to be equally good or overall the image is pulled down.  Just my opinions but hope it's helpful.

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Thank you for the input thus far!
Advice will be taken amd images pulled. I really appreciate the feedback and understand the opinions voiced smile

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Nice photograph of the wall, looks like the mortar is missing on the corner on the third joint down [That wall would be a distracting element in this image]
Unless you are selling the undergarment the bra strap is not improving the styling of the image
Distracting logo running across model
Your camera is too low, the shoulder should not be the subject of your photo, it should the eyes

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