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Cyn Michelle

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San Diego, California, US

So, recently I've added a few photos and deleted some old ones from my portfolio and I'd like if some of you guys can critique my photos. Especially my new avatar, yay or nay? I'll do the same for yours if you want!


Jan 13 13 11:48 pm Link


Laura EB

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Rochester, New York, US

I actually really liked your port and your avi is very strong, clearly the best of the images.  Based on that alone I would work with you if you were local.  I honestly don't have that much of a critique to give other than keep practicing your posing and shooting as much as possible, I think you're going in the right direction and have a lot of potential, you've just gotta start working with better photographers.  Good luck!  Oh and feel free to critique my photo work if you want, I'm on my retouching page but you can check out all my port here:

Jan 14 13 01:40 am Link