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Cara Catatonic

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Auburn, Nebraska, US

I would like to expand my creativity by not only modeling, but painting models for projects! Any tips or advice?

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Body Painter

Cat Camp

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Tampa, Florida, US

Absolutely! Plenty of advice! Run down the Subjects for the last page or 3 in this Forum & open up any that have the words "body paint" in them. You'll see a dozen different questions & you'll see some of the professional body painters who post tips & answers to those questions. If, after reading 5 or 6 of these conversations, you have more queries, you'll know which things to ask to get the best results; i.e. "Where's the cheapest place to find body paint? What is your favorite brand & why? Should I ask the models to exfoliate before I paint them?"

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Body Painter

Lisa Berczel

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Corona, California, US

Body Painting is addictive!

There is a TON of information in the FAQ's as well.

#1 Advise - Use ONLY Cosmetic Grade body paint.
You've already shown respect for your models by taking the time to ask!

#2 Just as makeup, there is a wide variety of product kinds - and each has it's own "sweet spot" for application. It can take a bit of research in order to pair the best product AND application technique for the look/design you want to attempt.

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Body Painter

Sweet Loretta

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Sacramento, California, US

How about using the Mentor List of Body Painting Artist here on Model Mayhem.
A great place to start, from articles to finding someone to help you directly.  Aside from that there is some good talent in Omaha, face and body artist worth connecting with.

Sweet Loretta

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