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Halcyon 7174 NYC

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Ten shots in my album "Five."

General impressions?

Jan 14 13 08:40 pm Link


Dasso Photography

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General impressions:

#1-nice camera
#2- nice edit
#3- most of the lighting is a tad too harsh for her, and some of the images have funky shadows on her nose. Stick with Rembrandt,  or butterfly IMO
#4- unless you really need to, don't shoot from below. Especially with a model that has a rounder face. It just isn't flattering.
#5 - wardrobe and makeup are nice
#6- pick your favorite 3 and ditch the rest. I was intreagued at first but quickly lost interest after seeing a few flaws mentioned above.

Overall, decent work, but could be improved upon!


Jan 17 13 10:59 pm Link



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The images look like you had a lot of light hitting the lens, which is washing out details especially in her hair

Background imperfections are showing up in many of the images

Jan 18 13 06:58 am Link