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Robb Mann

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Baltimore, Maryland, US

I've never really been happy with my Black n Whites. I spent a few hours with these today. Thoughts?


Jan 15 13 11:59 am Link


Jean Renard Photography

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Los Angeles, California, US

Not commenting on the shots only on the BW conversions which I imagine are from a digital source.

Do yourself a favor and try silver efex pro.

The conversions and film emulations are stellar.  I have never been a fan  of digital vs film especially when dealing with b/w and this has made me a convert. 
I think you can get a free trial.  There are several components which make it easy to get from here to there and it is seamless with both photoshop and lightroom

Spend some time with the film emulations, they come complete with the distinctive grain patterns of the films which really adds depth.

Jan 15 13 12:37 pm Link