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Miranda Manley

Posts: 22

Mesa, Arizona, US

Very new to MM and want to know what you think about my photos. Thank you!

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Allard Kamermans

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Houten, Utrecht, Netherlands

Nice variety of photo's
Keep up the good work!

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Richard Majerski

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East Hartford, Connecticut, US

It's a nice start,but need more images and a variety of looks.Try to get some good studio work in both color and B&W.Maybe some casual fashion,clubwear,headshots etc..Nice look keep up the momentum.

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Chronos Creations

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Benidorm, Valencia, Spain

If you want to be more helpful on your "About me" section you have to change a few things. Split up all that writing into 2 or 3 short paragraphs so it is easier to read. Also include if you have any scars or tattoos, and if you don't write down that you haven't. Photographers need to know these things, and most wont contact you about it, they'll just move on. I like to be absolutely sure about working with someone before contacting them.

Your photos show that you are extremely cute, and wouldn't expect less from a girl that is 5'2 tongue . You have done it quite right in my opinion. You have one or two shots that show your flexibility and acrobatic skill, a few that show a more cute version of you, and some sexy photos too.
This is your weakest photo IMO because it hides your figure completely. You don't want this on your portfolio. If you want a picture of you smiling, find one that flatters your body in the process. A few other photos with different expressions would definitely be the way to go as well. Versatility is always a eye catcher for photographers!

I hope to see more pictures of you!

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Miranda Manley

Posts: 22

Mesa, Arizona, US

Thank you all!

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Posts: 28

Nashville, Tennessee, US

Some nice work there.  As a model I don't think this image is very helpful to your portfolio either.  You are almost lost in the scene.  A tighter crop of that would work better to showcase your athleticism.

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Miranda Manley

Posts: 22

Mesa, Arizona, US

Thank you I appreciate your feedback

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Bob Elliott Artist

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Rockville Centre, New York, US

The 'Dance Shot in Phoenix' shows wonderful movement and the lighting is great, I just don't see how the background flatters you. 

I would like to see more dance and movement photos in your port.  Especially that you want to stick to dancing, emphasize those skills, it makes you stand out from most models I have seen here.

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DanaBarrett Photography

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Franklin, Tennessee, US

I think the dance shot is fabulous!  If the photographer took any close ups, I would request one of those so we can see you better as previously suggested, but it is a great photo. 

You have a great start!  Way better then most start up portfolios.  Your dance moves are great and I completely agree about showcasing them.  Also, I would like to see more variation in your expressions.

I think you should change your profile shot.  It is one of your weaker shots in my opinion.   

best wishes

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Miranda Manley

Posts: 22

Mesa, Arizona, US

Thank you!

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E Delsigne Photography

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Los Angeles, California, US

Hi there!

I have found there are three things that work best to getting more traffic to your model mayhem page.

1. Visit the main page and exchange comments and list with fellow mmers. You will receive comments and traffic from doing this... sometimes immediately.

2. Participate in as many forums as possible. Make sure you have your best photo as your avatar.. this will draw people in as well.

3. Post casting calls and availability notices and work through MM as often as possible.

Hope this helps!

Erin Delsigne Photography

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Foley, Minnesota, US

I never understood eyes closed photos unless kissing or something. Like someone else mentioned the pier shot is useless being such a small spec in the pic. Cropping wouldn't help though because then you lose the scene, they should have just had you move closer to the camera. Photographers mistake, not yours. I like the rest of the port. Very nice.

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Rebel Photo

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Florence, South Carolina, US

IMO, a straight on head shot would be a plus and I think your best angle.

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Miranda Manley

Posts: 22

Mesa, Arizona, US

Thanks for the advice! All have good points.

Jan 18 13 05:23 pm Link