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I have been working on fine tuning my Pin up work. I am getting the look from the makeup, hair, and model, but i am just not getting the post production out look i want. I am going for that 50's vintage looks. The watercolor painted look with out the "outline". We have all seen the 50's pin up that people redo but has the modern look and feel. I have a couple pin ups i did in my portfolio but to me still feels to modern. I have tried useing the smudge tool in the hair, to take out some of the detail, on the lips, soften the skin, added some rose cheeks. Just feeling to crisp for me still. If anyone has any tips or suggestions that would be great.


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Link to an image that has exactly what you are after. Otherwise it will be a lot of guesswork.

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Something I've been doing.. but I don't know if you think it will give you the right 'feel' to the pics you are after..

I take the original shot in color.. and clean up the shot in Photoshop..
Then make a black and white copy of the color shot, adding grain and some 'tone' color, maybe a little soft focus too..
Put the adjusted Black and White version over the top of the color version and then fade the upper layer..

It takes away some of the color and adds that 'vintage' style look to the shot.. 18+ 18+ 18+

You can also selectively clone some of the color back in to the shot if you want to highlight anything..

Give it a try.. and see what you think..

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Pinup is my primary art. Look at my port and let me know if any of the photos jump out as a style you want to learn. If so, I'll share my post workflow to see if that helps you.

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