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Chelsea clover jackson

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West Palm Beach, Florida, US

Hi everyone!
I'm a MUA just getting into the industry and need a little help. I haven't gone to school yet and have just been doing TFP's therefore I do not know much about styling hair. I like to be able to bring everything to the table when participating in a shoot including hair not just makeup.Are there any websites I can visit that have tutorials on hair? I don't think that I necessarily need to go to school for hair just yet not to mention I am a very fast learner. Everything I have learned so far has been from following other artists reading and watching tutorials. Any advice?

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Vanita MUA

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Seattle, Washington, US

I am not trained in hair either, but it seems to go hand in hand with makeup. I've just been watching hair tutorials on youtube and practicing on all my girlfriends. My ability to do hair has improved tons.

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Keila Sone

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Harrison, New Jersey, US

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rick lesser

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I have tried to offer some advice in answering your question without making it sound like a rant.  I keep re-writing a response over and over that will be helpful.  As I keep reading your posting I  get from it that you feel you can just side step a lot of hard work and are just playing at this. Which is insulting to all of us that have put in so much time, long hours of hard work, taken classes and put up with crap just to stay a float.  This business is not easy.  But it can be very rewarding.  Please don't think you can watch a video and ask us to help you because you don't feel you need more then that to do hair to make yourself look better to clients.  I know we all have to start somewhere.  I get that.  But one word comes to mind, entitlement.  If I have miss read your post, and I hope I have, I apologize.  R-

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Robin Dorton Head Candy

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Cherry Hill, New Jersey, US

Go to school, get proper training and a license. Otherwise you can't be considered a professional hairstylist.

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