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Makeup Artist

D Barreau MUA

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New York, New York, US

Hello MM family,

I am open to any type of criticism on my portfolio.

I would love to know how I can put myself to
another level so I can present myself to
various agencies.

What's missing?
what could be better?
The best? The worst of it all?
And so on....

Thank you for your time and energy


Jan 17 13 10:01 am Link


Dasso Photography

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Eugene, Oregon, US

Honestly, your portfolio is struggling with consistency. Much like myself, it looks like you don't really know what kind of photography you want to do. It would serve you well to pick a look you really like and can duplicate, then start shooting everything again to show consistent results. You wouldn't pay for a product that had questionable results, so why would someone else pay you for something if you don't have a proven track record with.

Just my initial thoughts,

Jan 17 13 11:13 pm Link