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Robin Saini Photography

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I have both Canon  7d and 5D mark III camera bodies which I use for wedding photography.

Also own a Tokiana 11-16,2.8 as it's only ment for crop sensor camera'.
But on a full frame body  it shows black  area's between 11-13mm. Strangely back-end of the lens does not hit the sensor and have seen numerous videos on U tube that people use tokina 11-15 on full frame body.

was planning to buy a 8-15mm fisheye lens for a unique effect, can someone recommend that how different will it be from a 11-16mm. As I know that between 8-13mm on a full frame, it shows a circular black band and best results are are between 13-15mm

please help.


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I bought one of those cheap, 8mm manual focus fisheye lenses to play with. I don't know what brand it is, but there's a bunch of them with different branding, and they're all the same.

Go fisheye if you want fisheye. There's nothing else like it out there. Ultra wide is much different than fisheye, regardless of the width.

If you feel like you'd get a lot of use out of it, I'd go for the Canon version. If you just want to play with it, I'd get one of the cheap lenses like I did.

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Dragos Codita

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Canon 8-15 will show black corners too below 14mm on full-frame.
I dont't own it, but the focal lenghts and their usefull size is explained both by Canon and reviews like this one

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Phil Drinkwater

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The 15mm fisheye is a better lens IMO. Not only does it not have the black edges, but being f2.8 you can use it more effectively in low light:

Sadly they discontinued it (I believe) so it's only available second hand now sad

Oh and it's exceptionally sharp!

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