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Anthony Thurston

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Gresham, Oregon, US

Hey everyone. I would love some critique on this shot I took earlier this week. I've been trying to do less glamour work and more fashion/lifestyle type stuff.

This was shot outside on a very cold(for around here), overcast day here in the Pacific Northwest. This particular shot was taken on the steps to the fountain at main street park.

All I used was a single 5-in-1 reflector with the white side just to camera left. Post was done in Lightroom and Photoshop.

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Neil Snape

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Paris, Île-de-France, France

It's okay. The depth of field is good, and the direction of light okay too.

She should have had firstly a lot more connection. I see in her eyes a question of is this good? What do you want?

Something is missing. There is no joie de vivre so it's not a powerful picture.

Light. You may be a bit close, and the light is flat. If you can find a light naturally occurring that travels further like into a tunnel or past an overhang you'll get soft but more direction light. Problem with the 5 in 1 is they are round, and not great at making an easy way to cut the light with barn doors, flags etc.

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The catch lights in her eyes are too low, the idea is to mimic the sun, and unless the sun is setting it would usually show much higher as a reflection in her eyes
[So if the reflector were higher it would be a nice catch light as you have it]
Think a simple background, with less color contrast
[Solid green leaves of a tree, solid building way off in the distance out of focus, beautiful blue sky]
Would love to see a more engaging look too

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It's all around dull.
The models expression/pose
The  surrounding area

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