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Rudy Joggerst

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Las Vegas, Nevada, US

-JAY- wrote:

I went from the older 28-75 to the newer 17-50 VC - color, contrast, sharpness are quite similar.

I had the Tamron 28-75 for Pentax a few years ago. For the price it's a great lens, but I always get the impression that Tamron lenses are rather poorly built (I also had their 70-200 f/2.8). Both lenses were new and within two years had aperture blades stuck (which was repaired under warranty) and tiny dust particles under the front element were visibile (though not in photos). I've never experienced anything like it with Pentax Limited or Canon lenses.

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Fav lens at the moment is the Sigma 85 1.4 (paired with my 5D).


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I go in phases... my Nikon 85mm 1.4 is my goto for full body, the 135 DC and 105mm macro for head shots (i go back and forth, not sure yet), for sports 70-200, for travel or event my 24-70. landscape my 14-24 or 24 (always loving one, then the other...). The lens I use the least is my 50mm

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28-75mm 2.8 and combat ready lol

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Don Olson Imagery

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Eugene, Oregon, US

Several favorites and can't do withouts. Nikkors 28/70 2.8, 70/200 2.8VRI, Samyang built 85 f1.4 and a Hasselblad 110/2 Plannar T*. These all work for me whether FX or DX.

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NTN Photo

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I'm loving the 85mm 1.8G from Nikon right now. I find it to be a bit better than the old 1.8D which wasn't really up to snuff on the newer Nikon FF bodies. It also smokes (and I suppose it should) the 24-120 F/4 at its respective focal length.

I've also been shooting the Fuji XF 60mm a ton at the moment. Love the character of this lens despite some of its autofocus issues.

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My 24-70 2.8 on a 5d mk2, & a 50mm 1.8 on a 50d works best for me.

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I'm happy as a clam when I use my 85mm 1.4 from sigma paired with my D600, though I'm looking to pick up the new Sigma 35mm 1.4. I love shooting primes but have only had 50mm+ lenses.

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Stephen Jonas

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Bessemer, Pennsylvania, US

At the moment Canon 180 3.5 & Schneider 90 F8 super angulon.

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ezb photography

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Warrenton, Virginia, US

Still in love with my 50mm 1.8.  It's just so damn perfect.  Just wish it fit better in my ringflash.


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Alien LiFe

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Nikkor 85mm 1.4G for me ... since I shoot more portraiture these last few years ...

70-200mm 2.8 G VR II after that ...

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