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Seneca Thompson

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Anaheim, California, US

Jan 21 13 12:17 pm Link


dd photography

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San Diego, California, US

I dig all 4, all strong, all different, can't find a weak one. Really adds to your already strong port.

Jan 21 13 12:23 pm Link


Outer Limit Photography

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Birch Bay, Washington, US

I would also agree that all four images are very strong and created perfectly...A+ on all!

Jan 21 13 12:25 pm Link



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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I like your work. It seems quite polished. Sometimes it is good to have a few rough edges.

Jan 21 13 12:26 pm Link


Art Nudes

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Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom

2nd one for me, and I've listed it already. smile

Jan 21 13 12:27 pm Link


nyk fury

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Port Townsend, Washington, US

you are amazing. i love every shot of you.

Jan 21 13 12:34 pm Link



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Wichita, Kansas, US

Second one is great. Great pose.

I dont care for the one with the horn.
The other two are so so.

Jan 21 13 02:25 pm Link


Logan Vandekieft

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Baltimore, Maryland, US

I like all four. Your leg extension on the first is nice and the third is surprising. I really like the way your hair curls under the stocking in that one.


Jan 22 13 12:59 pm Link


JPH Photography

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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

1 needs more fill in face (photographer's job), clean up shots PP before you post them (Post Producers job), the floor is dirty. 2 you could style your hair between shots if you want the composition to be more clean (i understand this can take away from the "in the moment" capture, but it can be a healthy compromise at times if you can strike a pose, then style, then get back in the mood and begin shooting again) 3 and 4 require more post production.  Do you know much about Photoshop, models can learn too, it isn't hard?  Hope i have been constructive.  I am not in any way trying to make you feel bad about these images, they are strong, but we can always improve.



Jan 22 13 08:38 pm Link