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Katie Dianne

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Palm Springs, California, US

Chan studios, you did not read what I said at all. You just made bold what you wanted to bash on and took it waaayyy out of context
I would never force a photographer to work with me If he wanted something different.
If you don't want to work with me that's fine! I understand I'm not meant for everything and even mentioned it in my first post.

Your vision of what is "perfect" is different than mine and thats fine! Everyone is stating their opinions on tattoos and so am I.

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Katie Dianne

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Palm Springs, California, US

And yeah. I think tattoos are an art form, I do them for a LIVING.

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Harare, Harare, Zimbabwe

Axana wrote:
So many tattoo-haters. Dammit.

Jesus Christ.

Sure there are photographers who nay to tattoos, but damn it, there are waay more photographers who NAY to us dude models.

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Fresno, California, US

Personally I don't mind tattoos, but realistically they will limit the work a model can get. It is largely economic. If I am shooting for client who does not want tattoos in an image say for a bridal publication then who is the model that will get hire the model with tatts or without?

I once had a model argue that the tats can be hidden with makeup and cleanup in photoshop. I had to explain to the model that that costs money and time (which is money).

I was working with one model who was trying to cover some small tattoos with her hands. I had to stop the and tell her to stop trying to cover them because it made her poses awkward.

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Luke Lenz

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Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Absolutely fine by me!

But then that's no surprise.

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Leone P

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Batley, England, United Kingdom

Inked Little Doll wrote:
And yeah. I think tattoos are an art form, I do them for a LIVING.

One of my best friends in a tattooist, in fact, she did most of my ink! My husband would love to be a tattooist. So we have been to conventions and watched the most amazing artists work freehand and produce some amazing Art.

If you prefer to shoot a model without tattoos, fair play.

Do not start critising what is, and isn't, art! You have no right. Just because it's a different type of art to that which you prefer to do, it doesn't make it any less amazing.

I have people stop me in the street, in supermarkets, at conventions, on the train etc etc and all to tell me how amazing my arm sleeve is.
My arm sleeve is full of Victoria frances art work. ART work!

My leg piece means everything to me and i designed it along with the help of my tattooist. For you to turn your nose up at it and say i effed my body up is damn right insulting and rather hurtful.

You don't know the meanings behind said tattoos and nor do you care. You assume because you are all knowing and may or may not be talented with a camera, you have the right to pick on anything you consider to be a 'flaw' with any model you choose.

Get a grip and get down off your high horse. Enough said. banghead

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GCobb Photography

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Yes and No

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L o n d o n F o g

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London, England, United Kingdom

Small Fruit Pits wrote:
Nay.....with some exceptions

Haha, this is funny.

Nay, with NO exceptions here, deffo NO!

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Some photographers like to start with a blank canvas...

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Yarden Harel

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Herzeliyya, Tel Aviv, Israel

Depends on the genre I'm shooting. For stuff like the typical fashion, glamour and swimwear, I'd prefer not to. However some projects that I used to get involved in involved alternative concepts.

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Scott Murphy Photo

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Pensacola, Florida, US

Defintely NAY. I refuse to photograph any model who has tattoos that cannot be removed quickly and easily with Photoshop.

My personal feelings about them aside, a model with tattoos severely limits their marketability for many genres of photos. If you want to ink up your body well, that is your desicion. But then you have to face the consequences that as a model you are not marketable unless you want to limit yourself to tattoo and biker publications.

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