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West Chester, Pennsylvania, US

As much as I'd love to get a shot with a lot of snow and ice I hate going out in those temperatures even bundled up, lol.

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All Yours Photography

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I just shot this one last Monday, about 14 degrees and 15 mph winds. … 50024.aspx

When we finished at the junkyard, we went back to the hotel and a very warm pool. … 50025.aspx

I would love to do a nude in the snow shoot.  Any nearby models interested?  I know an awesome location.

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B Debauchery

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Generally, hell no. But I have been known on occasion to engage in shenanigans. I just really really prefer being comfortable.

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Miss Morbid Kitty

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Orangeville, Ontario, Canada

Of course! The most amazing photos are rarely the easiest to shoot. I've shot in lingerie in the freezing cold before,(at least -10 Celsius, may have been colder) there I was in a little teddy and stockings, and then here comes the snow! I was freezing, but other than getting some goose bumps and hard nipples, nothing else changed. I was still able to pose and make all the right expressions, and the set of photos we got from that day are still some of my all-time favorites!

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Chris Thomson

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Shooting in sub zero temperatures also takes it out on the Camera crew as well as the model! The model has stylists standing around with warm drinks and big insulated coats for the models after the short time they have to be nude.
The photographer and crew may have to shoot a few different models one after the other for hours with props and waiting for hair and makeup in these conditions.
Also Digital equipment now is much easier than before when we used Medium format and film as the lubricants in the Hasselblads would freeze after a few minutes and seize requiring spare warm camera bodies and magazines.
I have even had film break in the magazines from low temperatures!
Most Professional models seem to enjoy the experience, specially when they are being paid to create some worthwhile images.

Here are some from a shoot in sub zero temperatures we shot in the Alps for an Austrian ski company.
Great MM snow model Maria:

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Crystal Rose Modeling

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No way! Although keeping the feet warm is a huge plus! I could barely stand being in a dress with heels in 40 degree weather. (Granted I was getting over a cold at the time), but my feet felt almost numb. I was visibly uncomfortable and had to leave. The photographer had already started an hour and a half late, so we were way over schedule.

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Being very cold is about the only thing I can't deal with, environment-wise.

I've shot in temperatures close to, or even a bit over, 100'F before, and while it wasn't particularly conducive to keeping make-up on my face, I was fine with it.

Cold? Nope, sorry.

I'll walk around in broken glass with open-toed shoes on, and wade through asbestos --- but I HATE being cold. Hate it. Hate it hate hate hate hate it.

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Stray Kat

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My nipples would probably poke your eye out. so probably too dangerous to do that! So No!

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Just Donna

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Depends on how fast the photographer works.  I posed in 26 degrees at the end of December for about half an hour.  The first 10 minutes were ok, but by the last 5 minutes, I was convulsing with shivers.  I could barely move my neck for the next week, which hosed my swim workouts.  Cool pics, but I won't do it again.

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dang, she rocks! big_smile

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RKD Photographic wrote:
Heating broke in the studio last week, so the indoor temps are the same as outdoors at the moment. sad

This was shot in -5C (23F) at the end of a four-hour shoot... … 83ba_z.jpg 18+

You can tell it's cold by the two thermometers. wink

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LOL.........I'm from Florida.......I don't even think I'd shoot in that temperature tongue

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Lana Belle

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Depends how much money you paying me?

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Yes, as long as there was no wind chill. -17 C is not that cold.

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Yes, absolutely- for a great shot. I did a short set nude in the snow before. With a great photographer who has a good concept, and some planning you can make anything happen. We did have warm stuff for me to bundle up in and hot coffee standing by wink

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Wow! Such brave, tough models to do this.

That said, any of you, in New England, up for a shoot?

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Top Five

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Absolutely no chance. Brave person...

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photodorset wrote:
I saw a model's profile that said she was happy to pose nude in a river in January as long as the photographer did it first!!

Must say the cold kills the batteries in the camera!!

Have to agree with this.
And I do.
Wanted to shoot with bare feet in the snow, so I took off my shoes and went bare foot first, to set a reasonable time limit.

Fair is Fair.  If I ask a model to do it, I should be willing also.

My two cents, YMMV


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Folly Photographe

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Montreal, Quebec, Canada

I did 3 outside shooting by winter in Montreal, with naked models, temperature was about -22 F. It's all about planning.
And I sometime play the model, and I did too. It's not that bad. It's actually super stimulating since since you have 2-3 minutes to shoot, the adrenaline goes by and it become very funny.

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AVD AlphaDuctions

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wend the wind dies down later this evening and they flood the canal again I'm going skating at -29C.  I think thats -20F?  I considered putting up a last minute casting call on FB for anyone who wanted to pose nude under the various stone bridges along the canal like this one[email protected]/2144453525/

but I'll be wearing clothes, and I doubt anyone on FB will reply.

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Yes....but not long enough to get cold

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Dan OMell

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Ufa, Bashkortostan, Russia

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Cole Morrison

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Cole Morrison wrote:

Curses, foiled again!!

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Cole Morrison

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DougBPhoto wrote:

Curses, foiled again!!


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R Michael Walker

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Vector 38 wrote:
how many threads have you started with this same image?


As many as he did with a similar shot last year. I guess it drives people to his profile or something. My answer to his question would be..only if the image was worth it. I have a few. Most of the time they are either silly looking or uncomfortable looking unless the model is a tiny part of the frame or you are VERY quick.

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C h a r l e s D

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Yes, I would.  And, I'd do it without boots.

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Divine Filth

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Foxboro, Massachusetts, US

There would have to be a really tempting amount of monetary compensation to get me to do that, end even so, I'd probably want it to be with a primo photog. I haven't done it yet, so I'm not completely sure it's a no...but I'm willing to bet if I do it once then my answer will definitely become a no.

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ksn modeling

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I don't do nude modeling in general, however I did do a barefoot shoot in the snow not too long ago! I'm just finally getting the feeling back in my feet haha

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Santa Claus

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I would, but not for long.  Got to think about hypothermia, frostbite, shrinkage...

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Marin Photography NYC

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I am not a model and I am not pretty, but shit, if the pay is right....try me!!

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Dobias Fine Art Photo

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Nice ice!

And, yes, I have had to fish blue lipped models out of 34F streams and blocked them from diving right back in, again.

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Abby Hawkins

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She is a greater woman than I!

I wouldn't pose in 8 layers of clothing in 0*F weather.

I should know, as it's been that "warm" in New England this week smile

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Alabaster Crowley

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No. My physical safety isn't worth that.

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Retired and Retired

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Dan OMell wrote: … te-whales/

now this is impressive

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Retired and Retired

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Model Compensation:

Food and Lodging, Snow pants, The boots for the shot,

How the models stayed warm:

1.  Chemical warmers for shoes, gloves and body.
2.  Snow pants
3. Wool socks
4.  Warm winter jacket.
5.  Hot Chocolate in thermoses

Model Exposure Minimized:

1.  All shots rehearsed in winter gear.
2.  Models followed by second model who has a warm robe under her jacket ready
3.  Model is only nude for the time to undress and get boots on plus 5 minutes maximum of modeling


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Sabine Luise

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TallPix wrote:
Yes....but not long enough to get cold


But, like being painted I need inbetweenies breaks.

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and your juju bees will fall  right off!

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Miluna V

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Dayton, Ohio, US

The only nude photography Ive ever considered doing was in freezing weather. For some reason I feel snow, and cold temperatures flatter paler skin tones and just make gorgeous photos. smile

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Miluna V wrote:
The only nude photography Ive ever considered doing was in freezing weather. For some reason I feel snow, and cold temperatures flatter paler skin tones and just make gorgeous photos. smile

Then please come to NYC.. I'd love to shoot your goose bumps!


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