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Jen B

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Hesperia, California, US

Water Watts wrote:


This model did on january 21, 2013



I have posed in minus zero weather. smile Just not for very, very long! The photographers also knew to have a warmed up car running too because they'd done this before.

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American Glamour

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Golly gosh, all of these intrepid girls.  I shoot nudes in the snow almost every year out here.  Of course, we do it California style.  It is normally 55 degrees or so, up in the pass with 10-12 inches of snow on the ground.  A nice pair of boots and it tisn't too much different than shooting on the beach this time of year.

Kudos to those of you who do it the hard way!  Hooray for making art!

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

no way!..
although i have stood in the rain holding an umbrella and wearing a mask nude and that was cold as!.. i was looking forward to a nice long hot shower afterward..

this is the shot.. (18+)

or an an extremely windy night on the bridge.. it was so cold and i got busted by a cyclist as well... (18+)

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May Sinclair

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When I'm cold, it shows in my pictures. I look uncomfortable. Or angry.

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