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Jacksonville, Florida, US

Anyone mind giving me a good, honest critique?  What's good, what's bad, what should I cut out, what should I try differently?  Thank you!

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Stitch Asylum

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I am by no means an expert, but here are my thoughts.

I like your portfolio. You have a lot of different styles and looks going on, which is a really good thing. It shows that you are flexible with ideas. You are really pretty and you have a great smile.

I would recommend working on your facial expressions. Your portfolio only has a few different facial expressions, so it would be a good idea to broaden that.

Keep at it! Hope that helps.

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Kathryn Joy

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With each look, only chose one picture from each style. You don't need to show four different pictures with the same hair/outfit/make up. Pick a genre of modeling that you want to focus on and do that. Too many different styles, too much randomness. Pick a genre and then perfect it. Work on your posing. Maybe hit the gym and tone up. I see something in there that could work, I kinda like the "dead" look you have maybe try some high fashion stuff and see how that genre of modeling treats you.

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Michael Novo

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So I'll get to the honesty, but I truly mean it all constructively...

First off I think you're working with the wrong photographers.  Correct me if I'm wrong but the quality of the images look like you're showing up at a workshop with many photographers and you're on a pre-made set and they just snap away then send you a few images.  How I know this is because the wrong parts of you are accented in many of the images.  There's an image of you on the couch with your hip kicked towards the camera and lit up but your face and eyes in the dark.  Take a look at that actually accentuates your hip and makes it appear even bigger.  It's a 2 party system faults...the photog should know this but a model should know her points of what to show and how also.

I see so many images and they lack a certain consistency or 'look'.  I think a lot of study as to what other models are doing that works.  Watch archived shows of America's Next Top Model and see what they're doing and what the critiques are.  If you want to pose as a working model then an experienced photog would expect a certain level of consistency.

Now with all that said I think its doable.  It takes a lot of work and of course for many this is just a part time fun thing on the side and if that's the case then just have fun!

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