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Naughty Ties

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NYMPH wrote:

Way to misquote. Geez.

I was putting forth two definitions. If you want to define yourself as a fetish model, then fetish should be your thing. A glamour model primarily does glamour, an art model primarily does art, a fashion model does fashion, a fetish model does fetish, which is strongly associated with the bdsm world. If you are a professional fetish model then chance are, you're interested in the fetish/bdsm world.  Yes, there are many specifications and definitions of who falls into what categories. I apologize for using 'bdsm' as a blanket term. I know it's not all encompassing for those of a kinky persuasion. How about we say 'non-vanilla'?

The latter part of my quote referred to whether or not you should click the box for 'fetish' on Model Mayhem. To rephrase: if you're curious or interested in being contacted regarding fetish shoots, then click the box. By no means did I ever intend to state that one should only click the box if they cater to the bdsm world.

A Fetish Model is someone who caters to the BDSM world.

How did I misquote you? The bolded text above is an exact copy and paste from your post. Fetish does not cater to's inclusive of bdsm/bondage but certainly doesn't cater to it which is exactly what you said.

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Naughty Ties

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Riverview, Florida, US

Laura UnBound wrote:

Regardless of what you may have meant to say, what you did say is what he responded to, correctly. You not phrasing something correctly is not a misquote on his part. I read what you wrote exactly the way he did.

Thanks Laura, for a second there I though I was the one misunderstanding. lol

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Naughty Ties wrote:
A Fetish Model is someone who caters to the BDSM world. , then click the box. If not, then don't.

You misquoted me like that ^^ Exactly how I explained it the first time. Has no one noticed the numerous times I've apologized for using that phrase? And my subsequent explanations of what I intended to say?

When a bisexual dates a man, they are not straight.
A tennis player does not become a squash player when they play one game.
A whiskey lover who drinks vodka is still a whiskey lover.
A fine art model can pose in a genre outside of their norm, and still identify as a fine art model.

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I think that frequently people looking for fetish models are looking for a model who is into the aesthetics of the BDSM world and the sort of warbrobe that comes with it. Latex, PVC, corsetry, maybe your own leather gear, etc. Or a model who is into the lifestyle somewhat.
You probably won't get as dramatic an image shooting a model wearing a corset if that model does not actually practice tightlacing to some extent.
There is a wide world of all manner of fetishes out there, but I do think that *for the most part* fetish modeling is about portraying a specific genre of aesthetic. Or a  willingness to be bound.
I am sure there are people out there with a fetish for burping, or who knows what else, but I do not think that applies to modeling really.

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EmGii wrote:
what would you guys personally label fetish modeling as? what does it personally mean to you? what do you think the definition is? (: latex? bondage? corseting?

Yup and anything else ppl can develop a fetish for....ive seen foot fetish shots and ladies pouring pink goo all over themselves...

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