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Trentham, Victoria, Australia

Could anyone lend me some ideas for setting myself up a trip overseas making money shooting photographs.

Online Magazines, publications, competitions, grants, business strategies, anything that may help me.

I will happily exchange my knowledge for yours!



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Aaron Lewis Photography

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Catskill, New York, US

The only way I've ever heard of anyone making money with a camera is by selling it.

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Evan Hiltunen

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Minneapolis, Minnesota, US

If you come up with an approach, I'd love to hear it.

I'm one of those travel bug people (have lived all over the states) and, while I've managed to find  paying gigs in places I've stayed for longish periods, I haven't figure out how to be on the go, on my schedule, with work waiting for me at the next location.

Perhaps, a reality show about a traveling photographer ... but, what would be the selling hook?

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Salem, Oregon, US

supposedly that used to work with stock photography but i don't know if that is viable these days?

folks on zivity travel around and shoot but that's mostly bonus money (from votes on the sets), not something to live on.

maybe if you were well-connected and could get models into Playboy and such. the kind of photographer where the models would normally pay to come see you.

if i were considering such a trip i wouldn't plan on making any money with photography. maybe the odd assignment i could pick up through craig's list.

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Rays Fine Art

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New Orleans, Louisiana, US

My guess is that if you are not already turning down assignments around the world there are few, if any, paid assignments available to you.  Established locals will have picked up whatever's lying around.

You could always create your own projects and shoot on spec but I sorta feel that that's not what you had in mind.

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Toto Photo

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Learn how to write and submit travel stories with photos to newspapers.

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MCB Imagery

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Portland, Oregon, US

Have you considered organizing a teaching event at your desired location (e.g., photo workshop, safari)?  Structure the thing so the costs for your travel are underwritten and then some.  Consider doing local events/training first to get your profile / credibility established.

Good luck!

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The last two posts were probably the best that I read throughout this thread!  Good Luck and let the rest of us know if you figure it out.  :-)

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1873 Images

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Be so awesome and unique that people are willing to pay you for what you do because they can't get it anyplace else.  Seriously, there are a few photographers in this class and they get paid to travel and teach.

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