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Bloom Makeup Artistry wrote:
Once I sent her what Mary said she quickly responded and said she would be going with someone else! Mission Accomplished! smile

OMG the attorney bluff? That was epic - I'm so glad it worked! big_smile

She sounds like a supreme horrorshow... I would rather get a part-time job than accept clients like her. At least she gave you ample warning!

Jan 25 13 04:32 pm Link

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Mary 1 - Bridezilla 0

glad she ran away smile  i wonder what horror story the other mua will have!

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The same happens with wedding photography sad A hilarious response to "I have met with x who is cheaper" is to ask why they didn't book them because it sounds like a great deal - it totally wrong foots them because they have some commodity mentality. I even had a lawyer dad pick apart my contract line by line opening me up to all sorts of litigation later to 'protect' his daughter - I just replied that i didn't want them to sign anything they were not happy with but without the signed contract as is I couldn't take the booking.

These people are bullies, I highly doubt they do this with any large company they use because they would get nowhere.

Jan 26 13 09:58 am Link