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I have no model, nekkid or otherwise, in this picture, just two differently edited versions of a single picture of a fountain and a building behind it.

I'd most like to know which one is better, and it would be nice if people choose their preferred edit without making a difference comparison between the two versions.  In other words, pic a version without identifying the changes between the time (i.e. without swapping rapidly between the two images or using a difference layer mask, etc).

If you do check the differences before deciding, please let me know.

Image A: … pped-2.jpg

Image B: … mapped.jpg

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A: seems better, as there is less distortion in the large tree photo left
But my biggest issues, what is the subject suppose to be in this photo?

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I like the perspective in the first photo.  The backgrounds building is interesting, so is the sky, but the overall shot is incredibly busy.  It feels like all the fore ground elements are about to swarm over me.

Jan 26 13 11:46 pm Link