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I'm still quite new to modelling and over the last two months did many photoshoots... I tried to get a variety. I find it hard to look objectively on myself so I'm looking for critique.

Multiple images uploaded from the same shoot are on purpose at the moment - because I can't tell which is the best one. I'm hoping to be able to round down each shoot to one picture each.

For example I can't choose between:


And in general... What am I doing well so far and what do I need to improve on?

If you'd like a newbie critique on your port let me know smile


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Matt Forma

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I would delete the entire bottom row of your portfolio. Just my opinion, I think those are the weakest in your book. You're doing some things well. Keep shooting. Work on varying your expressions more and working with the best photographers you can.
Cheers and good luck to you

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