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Boston, Massachusetts, US

Talking with a photographer right now about an upcoming shoot. I am not too picky and open to most styles, settings, or backgrounds.

Anyone have an opinion on what would be a good wardrobe for me to wear and/or a setting?

Thanks for your input!


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Yep. Scaling the Eiffel Tower in a giant panda suit?

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Menai Media

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A Panda suit ... how 1990's!

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Menai Media

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Bangor, Wales, United Kingdom

Speak to the photographer and be guided by the location. What you wear will depend on the look you are both trying to achieve.

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Jeff Cole MFA ASMP

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Warning: The following information is provided as individual personal opinion only, and not warrantied, neither expressed, nor implied, to be valid for all purposes.

Contrary to what you'll see on free, public, glamour modeling sites, where novice models feel it is their job to dictate photo concepts, and content, having ideas worth shooting is in fact the photographers responsibility.

Have a look at ANTM to see just how much input models have on photoshoots.

Otherwise the photographer would be reduced to just pushing buttons.

Find photographers that know how to plan, and can articulate their shooting goals. In this way they can guide you as to how to best prepare, and both be on the same page when shoot day rolls around.

Good luck!

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I actually structure my own shoots 95% of the time and im a newbie, photographers usually welcome any thing you want to add

a tip for you: buy up as many clothes in different styles you personally like, dont always be guided by your location, wear a suit in the forest, wear shorts in the snow, come up with random ideas, knowing what you want to show separates the good models from the bad.

I know models who just turn up and do what they are told, and they hate it, but these photographers wont let them go crazy and do what they want.

Good luck and dont get pushed into wearing something you dont want unless you are getting paid big money to do so. If its TFP, you call the shots too.

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