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Miluna V

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Dayton, Ohio, US

Just did my first studio shoot about a month ago. Only received two editted photos and did the rest myself. I am in no way a retoucher, so I am asking for critique of my skills in modeling alone. Looking for advice and constructive criticism only please. smile

Jan 25 13 11:59 pm Link



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Minneapolis, Minnesota, US
This I would call an over edit
Looks like you lost the pearl necklace
Raise chin
You should be able to pose your arms so they do not add to the apparent size of your mid section
You look like you have a cold and can not breathe through your nose

For me you have a nice look, if you were to shoot with some photographers that normally work with new models I bet you could create some awesome images.

Jan 26 13 11:38 am Link


Mike Williams Photo

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Chattanooga, Tennessee, US

I agree. You are a pretty girl, lots of potential. This particular photographer did not do you justice. Good start though. Keep trying!

Jan 26 13 06:23 pm Link


Fist Full of Ish

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Pasco, Washington, US

Yeah, 'pretty gal. 'over-retouch, but artsy-OK.  Hopefully that won't happen to you too often.

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Portland, Oregon, US

Do a browse search for better MM TF photogs in your area that will know how to work with YOUR strengths - EYES and FACE.

Jan 27 13 11:01 am Link