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Junspoken Inc

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I have been seeing these images for sometime and I am confused at this point.

What do you Use to create this hair style?

Is it bad for the hair?

How do you make it different colors?

How do you wash it out?

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Junspoken Inc

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Makeup Artist

Lauren Reynolds Makeup

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I remember Alexander Tome saying he created this look

by setting the hair with gel then applying cream make-up on top from the Makeup For Ever Flash Palette (I think!). The look is not dissimilar. Hope this is helpful!

Edit - I just reread your post - the flash palette is excellent for mixing. It's pretty oily but a few shampoos with hot water should remove it. Bear in mind it will stain light or colour-treated hair, however gel would act as a barrier somewhat, if you ensured every strand was covered. It wouldn't damage the hair at all.

I'd probably get a hairstylist involved with this look if you can.

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Beautiful pic

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Keila Sone

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Actually these type of looks are done much simpler than you think,there are gel color product, also you can add food coloring to clear gel.

But this photo specially looks like they use acrylic gold paint.

Clarifying shampoo should help.

And I agree that you should get a hair stylist involve

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Lisa Berczel

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I talked this over with a friend who suggested a styled wig.....

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Robin Dorton Head Candy

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I'd recommend a wig especially on blondes or llamas with porous hair. Mix Bumble

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