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Jodie Fraser

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

It helped that I had two amazing models and this photo has become my new favourite. I'm always criticizing my own work thinking it isn't up to a high standard, but this one I like. Would like to see what others think if it's good?

Jan 27 13 02:14 am Link


David Kirk

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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I like it. 

Not sure why you selected a white dress for the female model - I think it is too bright for the rest of the scene (and somewhat overexposed).  Would like to see a less passive expression on the male model - as it is he seems like just a prop.

I like the post processing and the overall composition.

Jan 27 13 10:57 am Link



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Minneapolis, Minnesota, US

Nice energy

I think I would crop the photo in tighter so the only thing the viewer can look at is the interaction between the two

[Crop the bottom of the photo at a point just above the top wooden cross beam; this would get rid of the handless arm and distractions at the bottom, then the top just below the shadows at the top of the door, might Photoshop the hook, or what ever that thing is above the guys head]

Jan 27 13 02:08 pm Link