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Hello there my name is Shannon and I am a new model, I have done a few photo shoots and I am starting to get the hang of posing and what I am after.
This all started as a hobby and it took off into something I might be good at.
So my question is at what point in time to do you move from trade work to paid shoots?
I am still very new and I would hate to take on a paid shoot and make an ass of myself lol. What are some experiences others have had and at what point do you think a model is ready to take it to a more professional level.
Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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Jay Farrell

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As soon as you can find a market for people to hire you.

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Thank makes sense, thanks

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Bravo Magic Images

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Rather it is a matter of comfort and style. If your comfortable doing nudes fetish and other more over whelming styles of poseing and feel that you have a special knack for Marketable work then by all means charge for your top of the line Fine Art nudes.

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American Glamour

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ShannonJT wrote:
Thank makes sense, thanks

Right answer, as soon as someone will pay you, you are ready.   Don't over-think it and don't worry about it.

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Welcome to MM!

I wish you the Best of Success in all of your endeavors out here!

Kindest regards,

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Do as many TF shoots as possible, build a strong portfolio that exhibits you in different styles and concepts, then start charging. Start off with small prices then later on as photographers start demanding more shoots with you, raise the price accordingly.

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Fresh Faces Photography

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Like any other profession, modelling requires some time to learn what works and what doesn't. And each model has different strengths and weaknesses.

Best advice I have is to do TF shoots with photogs whose work you like and who will help your port. Post "Depends On Assignment" on your page and quote an hourly fee to anyone whose work is less than what you would want in your own port and TF to anyone you REALLY want to work with.

You're ready when someone is willing to pay.

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Kitty Devereux

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The TF shoots are there to benefit your portfolio, as soon as someone contacts you with paid work that I would say that's the time you are ready.

You just have to find your market. You might be amazing at some stuff but not considered payment worthy in others. As long as you feel comfortable then I would say go for it!

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Welcome to Model Mayhem!

Do TF shoots to build up your portfolio. Shoot with quality photographers. You can try to charge photographers to shoot you when you can see that the photographer will benefit more from the shoot than you (ie. your work is better than the photographer's work who asked you to shoot).

I wish you success on this site and all the best in your career!


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Jay Lee Studios

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Many of the above said once you are contacted for paid work you are ready, that is not always true.  A GWC could offer you today to shoot erotic nudes. If you do that it is up to you no one will judge you but that does not mean you are ready to be a paid glamour or fashion model.

Also building a strong port is essential, can you do that doing TF? Maybe. Will it take a while? Yes ESPECIALLY here on MM. If you want the BEST portfolio you could possibly have and have it fast find THE BEST photographers in your area and hire them. Next thing you will have is a bunch of messages from MM photographers wanting to do trades. Skip them or charge them smile.

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